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Help from Her
Done By: Lion
Friday, January 12, 2018 10:44 PM

Believe me. When I say, every parent's talk is about parenting. Me? No exception.

Friends asked me about Meiying during meetups, colleagues asked me about the same thing in office, even I asked myself about her sometimes.

To be honest, parenting is never easy. It's not like the usual caregiving that you gave to another person like feeding, clothing, or changing diapers. Parenting is on another level; your relationship with your child determines her development. There's this additional chemistry / telepathy that needs to be nurtured, to be practised between both of you for your child to grow up acknowledging you as her parent.

It has to be tapped on since young. The less time you spend with your child, the less chances of you honing that chemistry / telepathy with her, and thereafter, you realise that you cannot do anything right with her. Your confidence as her parent will be affected, and then you will start to harbour negative thoughts. And tada, you got yourself into a vicious cycle and your relationship index with your child heads down south.

I find myself at risk of that. I had not been spending enough time with Meiying. While I could visit her on weekends or on my off days, I find that no arrangement is better than living under one roof. I am so looking forward for our house to arrive so that I know I get to see her every day.

A part of me was thinking about myself though. After all, it's 2018 and like everyone else, I want to squeeze some time for myself to do some thing that I wanted, such as fulfilling resolutions. But at the same time I cannot let go of my time with Meiying. So stuck in between. I bet dear at some point of time thought the same too.

So what now? It's kind of unpredictable right now. Guess I could only live the moment and grasp every opportunity to do what I can.

Signing off here. With a family photo :)

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

And I'm off to my next milestone..
Thursday, October 19, 2017 9:08 PM

It's been a while. Time seemed to zoom by, and now I have gained a new family member.

Introducing my daughter MeiYing! She's such a handful and kept me and dear and my mum busy through day and night, but the joy that she brought us so far has been worth it :) now then I could feel the happiness a parent gains from watching their own flesh and blood, alive and kicking, responding to you in the "cutest" way possible.

Nearing the end of the year (soon). Remembered 1 year ago my mind was still fresh from that romantic honeymoon in Hokkaido. That's where we got the name for her (Biei). There's a love story behind her name so I'm hopeful she can inherit the love from us and mould it to her own in future 😘

Life's pace just keeps accelerating. Who knows when is the next time I get to drop by here. But there's one thing I know: everything is on track.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Eulogy for My Grandfather
Saturday, June 24, 2017 11:05 PM

If I am allowed to deliver a eulogy for my grandfather, this is probably what I will like to say.

It came as a piece of news too sudden for us. One that not even one of us would have expected that he would conclude his life that way. Maybe it was fated to be. Having lived to a ripe old age, with good bunch of children, grandchildren, and many more future generations to come.

I would have safely said, that he has no more regrets. He has fulfilled his wishes, of having travelled, having handed over his career to his future generations.

Thanks to the many people who came and gave condolences. He was a known figure in Balik Pulau; being one of the eldest in the community, almost everybody and anybody has seen him around on a bike, or on foot. He’s also well known for his plantation, which specialises in our favourite fruit – durians.

Started from humble beginnings, he was the sole breadwinner for a family of 8; including 4 daughters and 2 sons. It was an empire built from scratch, single-handedly brought the plantation to what it is today, taken over by the 2 brothers. There is no doubt that he has done a fabulous job at that. The piece of land was even picked as a hot spot recently for potential development into a tourist attraction, offering scenic views of Pulau Pinang from various parts of the plantation. Grandpa has the foresight to appreciate the value of this piece of hand, and the will and commitment to make sure the land doesn’t land onto any outsider’s hands, now and in the future I believe.

The discipline to hold on to this piece of land for over 70 years, was no small feat. And to nurture it over this amount of time, selflessly giving his all to create fruits of his labour for future generations to enjoy, he embraced this arduous journey without a single word of complaint. What he has gifted to us, either genetically, morally, or by example, is the art of perseverance, commitment and the determination. I am grateful for this virtue given to me.

How has he impacted my life? Well, to let you in on a fact, he was with me on the first time I met my dear wife. Yes, I’m referring to the airplane trip with him and her to Penang. If not for him, I would not be having her as my wife today. For that, I thank him, for being my best wingman.

I have heard from my mum and the aunts that he has been eagerly waiting for the arrival of my newborn. He had been asking when it is due, when can I come and look at her, etc. It’s gonna be his one of his first few great-grandchildren (I think third), and I was, and still am, proud to be able to show her to him when she arrives in this world. It’s okay grandpa, you will be able to see her from above. She may not be able to see you anymore, but she will definitely hear of your stories, like how much you liked Sarsi, how you can down a whole plate of clams in Vietnam, how he sat like a village chief in the one of the village buildings in Xiamen, how you made the whole tour group walk up the hill with you just because you wanted to walk, … and so much more…

We, the bunch of grandchildren, and his children, had durians the night before the funeral on Thursday. While it’s one of our favourite pastimes eating durians together, we are also reminded of this icon that defines and brought the whole big family together. For all of these, we will remember by heart.

Rest in peace, grandpa. 一路走好。

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

My 2 weeks as.... an Uber Driver
Sunday, April 16, 2017 11:55 AM

So, for the past couple of years I had been thinking of getting myself to be an Uber driver (or perhaps should have been Grab, but still stuck with Uber anyway) thinking how life would be like if I were to have a car to chauffeur people around. Well, for the first time I decided to take the plunge - 2 weeks off, no holidays, no rests, just... Uber.

To start off, getting yourself and your car registered is no simple process. Document after document, have to make sure everything is correct before you set off. Took me quite a number of trips to the car rental company and the Uber office (even at the expense of my off days, my work hours) just to get it sorted out. Sigh. Oh and not to mention the amount of money forked out just to start (car rental, deposit, season parking, cashcard).

Finally, 1st April I started driving (not April Fools, mind you). Still remembered the 1st customer was from Kaki Bukit to Junction 8. My leg cramped from too much pedaling (accel & brake). And the passenger paid by cash; he whipped out a $50 note expecting change. Gosh lucky I had JUST NICE for change... And I am out of small notes and coins. Die. Wonder what would happen when the next customer decided to pay cash as well.. worse still, with large notes.

Had driven a lot of passengers around for the 1st week. People from all walks of life. People taking Uber for different purposes. Some good, some neutral, some blur cock, some bad, some ugly. Well that's life isn't it, take it in stride, I thought. Burned long hours just to clock that required number of trips, spending thousands of km on the road, getting horned by cutting lanes, stopping in the middle of nowhere just to get to the passenger who flagged me down at the opposite end of the road..

Here's a few types of customers that I faced worth mentioning on the list:
- Those that placed their pickup location at point 1, and ask you to go to point 2.
- Those that dont even know where they placed their pickup / dropoff location
- Those that use my car to run errand (Pick-up someone along the way, drop off along the way, use my car to go across the street pick up a child then drive back)
- Those that "had a party" in my car
- Those that think I am a taxi driver and expect me to know all roads in SG
- Those that asked me about Uber
- Drunkards (lucky for me I picked up good drunks)
- Shoppers (with handful of bags)
- Travellers (with truckloads of luggage)
- Families (with crying kids)
- Those trying to squeeze in the 5th person in the car
- SMELLY (from sweat) passengers
- Ah bengs who try to chaokeng from NS by going to A&E
- Ah bengs boasting about their knowledge & experience in the pub
- People of all ages calling me "Uncle" =.=

I also happily listened to their stories, had a little chat with some of them just to keep me awake. It's heartening to see myself interacting with people from different walks of life.

But all that for money? Nah. My conclusion: not meant to be driven as a FT. You gonna suffer with all that stress and poor business. Pings come like at the most awkward timings, at very scarce frequency. Be happy that you earn about $10-$20 an hour on trips. Only drive Uber when you had a car of your own; the fare is just nice enough to cover your petrol costs.

2 weeks down. 2 more weekends to go. And the car is gone. There's only 1 take back I have; this would be the 1st and the last time I'm driving Uber..

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 9:31 PM

Last month probably was the worst month of my life.

Why am I so timid? If only I had requested to sit down with the team to discuss about the plan. If only I had ensured that the interviewers commit at least 5 times a day. If only I had enforced my rules on them. But it all didn't happen. All because I "don't dare".

And all the if-onlys couldn't have come at a worse time than ever. That surge of emotions really.. could not describe in words. Cried on a lot of nights, nightmares on incomplete work being submitted and feedback given..

I had spent 24 days and nights straight working on, and worrying about the project. Stretched all the way until 3 March. At some point of time I began to doubt my usefulness in the team. Given my character, I would potentially inflict more damage on the projects than I could think of. Would they find out this about me? If so, what would be their action taken? I thought.

I only had 1 word to describe that month - tormented. I felt being torn apart, by clients, by the team, by my wife.

I wonder if anyone would even forgive me for what I had done. If not, I'm prepared.. no choice.

Finally, the end is near. The load of dont know how many surveys was finally lifted off the department grounds. So is my heart.

I have now some time (finally) to take a short break, before the weight of the next project starts to press upon my shoulders..

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Next milestone
Saturday, December 24, 2016 12:32 AM

Aaaaand. I am past my another milestone in life - marriage.

This seems very much out of the game "Game of Life". You really felt that you're walking the path of life. You feel yourself growing older and older each period, hitting "wow-ed" checkpoints yet there's always that slight urge to want to go back to those days, and then you realise you can't anymore.

Anyways, yea... it was a pretty hectic year for me. Looking back, I probably did much more than what I did last year. That felt encouraging; but at the same time more pressured to make sure more happens for me the following year, and beyond.

Now I could say I am getting used to work. Being termed as a laojiao I hope I have enough knowledge to pass on to my fellow colleagues, able to set a good example, and have enough courage to lead the rest of thy ladies as a mentor (but not in appointment wise). Yea pressure builds up.

I'm also feeling the need to step up my game and take control of my work scope. It's no longer a luxury to be following behind someone's footsteps and/or instructions. I need to make my logic more sound and better heard by the rest. After all, everyone has their own style of doing things, so why am I killing myself trying to adopt other people's methods? No wrong doing it my way so long as guidelines are met, quality assured, and no hell break loose, yea?

Married life is a total game-changer. Mentality changes. More We-time, No me-time. Well the only me-time I will have is when dear works night shift so hahah. But anyway, though dear said it wasn't that great a challenge she expected about moving in, the change in lifestyle, use of appliances, houserules, etc. definitely took a toll on her mind and body. Later nights and earlier mornings, restricted timings for chores, all robbed her of her rest, so sad :(

What about me? Simple. when she's down, I'm affected. Well that's what husbands do isn't it.

Closing this year. Hope I have no regrets packing my schedules like never before, steepening my learning curve, squeezing in more knowledge within myself. Prep myself for a better 2017. Hopefully finances improve, that's my main relief. Oh, and I'm definitely going to make that happen.

Tired. Back to sleep. Nights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

A major milestone that concluded my single life.
Thursday, July 14, 2016 12:16 AM

It was a chunk under my bucket list checked.

It's been a long wait for this trip. I know that the trip was supposed to be done 4 years back. But somehow it did not happen. Maybe it is a better time to happen now.

I used to write out the whole itinerary for any event that happened, but somehow I think let's keep the adventure to ourselves, can we? :)

Anyways, we met up on a few occasions before to discuss about itineraries, travel bookings, accommodation, and more discussion online on changes in plans or adding new travel locations. We tried to keep it short and sweet, and had the "lets drop by the attractions along the way" plan. Kind of like the fact that all of us are taking the trip with a light heart.

Perth was really, really nice. There was minimal rain, and we were greeted with clear, blue skies and chilly weather on most days. Traffic was cool, no jams (except for a slow traffic on my last day), easy to drive around. People are nice and customer service easily beat Singapore's hands down.

We drove up to Cervantes on the 2nd day... and there I DID SKYDIVING! Totally. Worth. It. It doesn't matter where you jump from or whoever say which location has the best view. The fact of jumping out of the plane at 15000 feet overwrites all other criteria. Even the freezing air up there made my fall more exhilarating.

Next is Pinnacles. They say its a must-go location. Yes, please! Desert-Oasis feel. Took a lot of pictures while walking the trail. Needless to say, we spotted a number of Singapore tourists enjoying the landscape with us.

We were damn lucky to spot the MILKY WAY! Not the iykwim milky way, but it's the one you look up to the sky in darkness. It was chilly but we braved the cold to snap picture perfect shots of the night sky. That... was when we learnt aperture, ISO, shutter speed. Haha.

And I must say ROAD TRIPS ARE FUN! Full tank, check. Snacks, check. Internet, check. Spotify, check. Camera, check. And off we cruised 250km up north and 250km back down within a day. Who's behind the wheel? Me. Wahahah. I guess you know what to expect when I'm taking the wheel.

One does not simply miss... Rottnest Island! the haven for the happiest animal on earth - the Quokka. They really deserve a place like this. Panaromic seaview, lush greenery, serene landscape. Oh, my gosh. We were totally crying out in happiness as we saw how blue, how clear the waters were. Could not even stop our fingers snapping away at every angle, every location. 

We had interim break on our 4th day. Hopped around the town and was totally glad to find some shopping venue. Whew. Outlet stores! No wonder my mum wanted me to "sweep" the items here; So cheap! Too bad they close shop at 5.. And that left us with nothing much to do for the evening sigh. Made dinner ourselves back at the hostel (and of course we screwed up our dinner) and went out for coffee.

Day 5! Set off to Margaret River! Stopped along the way for some phototaking. Saw cows and sheep. Then more cows and more sheep. And... a old lady in a 4WD that honked us to wind down our windscreen and yelled at us "You are a fucking idiot!" -midfing-

Oh. Target is like Primark. Or maybe... Isetan or BHG. Just, way cheaper. That's where kr got his $4 polo tee. and another one on the last day.

I bumped into Yina~ and so happened she was with Suwen! Wa really small world!

Back to topic. We visited the caves deep down. Nature's wonder kept us jaw-dropped. Pictures on FB. Credits to Zhen en for the pics!

Okay I admit I've been searching for kangaroos for the past 5 days. So far no kangaroo. Finally we decided to stop by the animal farm. Zhen en and kr were totally in love with the creatures...

We finally checked in our only airbnb accom at Dunsborough. THANK TUAPEKGONG / GUANYINMA WE DID THAT. Its nature all around us, the country-themed house was super big (we were given the living room and a supersized bedroom and a supersized bathroom). And did I mention that the electricity in the house was entirely solar-powered? :D

And... well that was our last night in Australia. Slept beside the full length window to enjoy the night view for the last time before returning to civilisation.

During the trip I was pleasantly surprised how our minds really thought alike, spoke the same lingo, harbour the same thoughts, carry out the same actions. I conclude this milestone in my life, checked. With flying colours. Let us do a next one. 10 years later. Hopefully Dubai or New Zealand.

Apologies for the late post. But better late than never. 

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.